Post 7: January 13th – Still On Track

Date: 13th January 2017

Hi Guys,

The first two weeks of the challenge are all but over and it is going great! Aside from my Spanish study goals, all of my goals are still on track. I have been really focussed and determined this month and I am starting to see good results. Something about this month is making the challenge feel less like work and more like a transformative experience. So without further ado, let’s go through my goals.

1.Get weight to 95kg

This week my progress on this goal has slowed. Although my diet and exercise has been perfectly on track, my weight just isn’t seeming to move. This weekend I will be lowering my calories and hopefully finding a sweet spot which will trigger the weight to start moving. In addition to this, I will be increasing my goal for cardio from 800 calories per week to 1200 calories. Changing these two aspects should allow my weight loss to continue.

This week I am also changing some aspects of my diet to reduce my sodium intake. Because we had a surplus of ham left over from Christmas season, I had included it in my diet. Although I was still meeting my macro requirements, ham is high in sodium and fat, and thus I will be changing it for some kangaroo or another leaner, less salty meat. This will allow me to shed some water weight which my body has been holding due to excess sodium.

2. Save $4,600

Saving this month is proving difficult as we are required to pay for the car registration, service, new tyres plus we are purchasing accommodation for our holiday in March. Having said that, we are still hopeful of achieving this goal – so stay tuned.

3. 1 hour of Spanish study/practice

This goal is lagging behind. 2 weeks into the challenge and I have only done 30 minutes of study. I really need to make this goal more of a priority but I struggle to do so. It seems like there is always something more important to do. If you guys have any tips on how to manage this goal it would be greatly appreciated! Post below in comments.

4. Establish a morning routine

I’ve been up at 3am for every morning this month with the exception of 1 day (due to ‘someone’ turning off my alarm). I have been wondering why I find it more easy to be consistent with waking up at 3am than 4am. I am starting to think that it could be because at 4am when I wake up, I am in a rush. This makes me feel unmotivated. So perhaps 3am makes me feel more relaxed and more motivated to leave the bed.

5. BE|PRIME goals

I didn’t focus enough on BE|PRIME for the past few days, but it is still in my mind. I will have to work hard with Ana to develop some new content and tools to help you guys prosper.

So that’s it guys, my goals and progress for the first half of the month. How are your goals going? We would love you to comment below and let us know how you are doing with your 30 days to conquer challenge.


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