Post 8: January 15th – Half way

Date: 15th January 2017

Hello Guys,

The challenge is at the half way point, and this month has been very productive. However, my biggest challenge, as always, is time. I would like to have 9 days a week so I can complete everything.

This is a quick update of my goals:

  1. Improve my aerobic performance.

Well I took the Beep Test again and it was horrible. I got 3.7/21. I wonder has anyone ever reached 21? If you have, send me a photo of yourself and I will make a poster with it and hang it behind my door. You are officially my hero. What am I doing to improve my performance? Well I am doing 4 days of cardio at the gym per week and I am learning to find my breathing rhythm when I run.

I am usually trying to do a minimum of 200 calories of medium-to-high intensity cardio to get my lungs working harder, forcing me to focus on my breathing technique.

  1. Read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Currently at page 401: “Don’t believe everything that you think” BJ Miller. 273 more pages to read.

  1. Make 1% Profit in our total portfolio

This month has been very fruitful in terms of stock market trading. We have already met this goal for the month, and our portfolio is looking green.

  1. Save 4,600

Our extra expenditure (dinners out, coffees, snacks) has been almost $0 this month. We spent $20 dollars in a dinner with a friend over the past weekend.

  1. Be more thankful

I’ve been good this week with this goal. Yesterday, for example, I sent a ‘Thank you message’ to my first ever boyfriend. He was with me in very sad and complex moments of my life. I am the person I am today because of people like him, that have always supported me.  He was certainly surprised with the message, and his future wife even more.

Well guys, the 30 Days to Conquer challenge always brings about the best of our disciplined selves, and it is also a great opportunity to keep learning about ourselves. This is a trial and error process which, by the end of the month, will allow us to create systems and strategies we can implement for our whole life.

 Thanks for reading guys! We always love to hear from you. Are you still tracking your goals and progress? Are you still feeling motivated? Let us know by commenting below or on the facebook group!

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