Post 9: January 17th – No Slowing Down

Date: 17th January 2017

Hi Guys,

It’s day 17 of the challenge and my month is still going really well. I have been really focussing on my weight loss and diet goals this month which are really starting to show results. Being strict with my diet also helps with our financial goals for the month as it cuts down extra expenditure due to food or alcohol.

As you may know, I have been waking up at 3am this month. For reasons unknown, it has been a really easy thing for me to do. If you followed the previous challenge in November 2016, you would know that I had a lot of trouble waking up before 4:30am every morning. 3am has been SO much easier for me.

Let’s go through my goals in chronological order:

1.Get weight to 95kg

My current weight as of this morning is 96.8kg (down from 104.5kg January 1st). I am so proud of the way this goal is going. I feel this energy and this will to remain disciplined this month and I love it. I’ve listed a few highlights of this goal below to show you how I have been going.

  • Every single meal I have eaten this month has been planned out to fit my macro profile and help me to lose weight.
  • I am doing so much more cardio at the gym than I ever have. Currently doing 1200 calories per week (but as of this morning I have already completed my 1200 calories for the week).
  • I have been to the gym 20 times so far this month.

My weight loss progress

2. Save $4,600

So far we have saved $2,082 this month. Although this is below the $2,300 we would need at the halfway point of the challenge, we have had many expensive bills to pay in these first two weeks (car regristation, car service, new iphone screen, new car tyres etc). Based on these factors, I feel like we can make this goal if we can keep our expenditures low for the next few weeks.

3. Do 1 hour Spanish study/practise per week

This goal is a fail for me so far. I have so much to catch up on and have only managed to do 30 minutes so far this month. You might recall that I also failed with this goal in November 2016 so perhaps I just don’t want it as badly as I want to achieve my other goals. I will endeavor to make up the hours by the end of the month, but it will be tricky.

4. Establish a morning routine

I think that waking up at 3am has become so easy, in part, through the implementation of my new morning routine. Also the fact that I am losing weight encourages me to get up in the mornings because I am truly excited to weigh myself (I weigh myself first thing in the morning). I have been doing my headspace meditations less frequently than I would like, however, all-in-all I think this goal is a success so far.

5. BE|PRIME goals

There is not much to explain here. Always working on BE|PRIME content and obviously keeping up with this challenge!

So there you have it guys – I would deem my challenge so far to be a success. I feel like I have the momentum to maintain this discipline through until the end of the month with relative ease, so watch this space.

Now it’s your turn! How are you going with the challenge? Are you holding yourself accountable or struggling with your goals? Let us help you by keeping you accountable. Tell us your goals; leave the fear of failure behind. Once you expose your goals to other people, you feel an urge to remain disciplined and sometimes all we need is a little kick or a boost in the right direction to keep on track and conquer our goals. Let us know your goals by commenting below, or on the facebook group.


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