Post 10: January 19th – Enjoying The Challenge

Date: 19th January 2016

Hello guys,

This is the 3rd week of the challenge, time is going fast – not as fast as I would like. I cannot wait to see my family again when we travel to Colombia in March. But, lets enjoy the moment and live in the present.

January Goals Update:

  1. Save $4600 AUD

Although Pat and I are being saving as much as possible, there were some extra expenses we weren’t expected. This Friday one of our best friends is moving to Denmark he has made a booking in a very “Elegant” restaurant. How could we say no to him? I wonder what Pat will do about his diet/no drinks that night.

  1. Make 1% Profit in Trading Account

The stock market is a bit volatile at the moment. Uncertainty about hard/soft Brexit and rumors about a massive sell off are sending the stock into red territory, and our portfolio is moving too. We have already met this goal, we have recorded profit of 1.5%. However, the challenging part is to keep the profit to end of month.

  1. Read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Who else is reading this book? It is an absolute gem. I enjoy every single page. This books makes me realize two things:

  1. My vision of the world is so limited and small – and it is always my decision to pursue that ‘bigger reason’.
  2. There are incredible people out there, working to be better, with something more that TV shows and blue princes in their mind.

And yes, I will finish this book before the 31st, I would say before this weekend ends.

  1. Improve Aerobic performance: Beep Test Level 8

At this point of the challenge, I am aiming to meet level 5.

I will take the test again this Sunday. My body doesn’t feel tired, I know my legs could resist much more, but it is just my lungs are too weak. I have a horrible cardiovascular resistance. Guess what is the challenge this year? I will reach level 8 this month and level 9 before this year ends.

5. Be More Thankful

This exercise just showed I have so many people to thank for things in my life. In every stage of my life I have been surrounded by wonderful humans that make my days better – That primary school teacher that encouraged me to participate in theater because she believed in me, even when I was the shyest girl in the classroom. Well, I send her a message today, I wonder if she remembers me.

Thanks for reading! Please share your goals with us, we will love to hear from you guys and let us know how we can help you to make this month better!

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