Post 11: January 21st – Out With Friends

Date: 21st January 2017

Day 21 of the 30 day challenge is at an end and I am still feeling incredibly positive about my attitude towards my goals and to the year of 2017. This weekend we are up in Sydney, and will eat out but I have come prepared to keep my goals in check.

1.Weight to 95kg

As we are up in Sydney visiting friends for the weekend, I knew we would be going to eat out for dinner. Instead of giving up on my diet, we organised the place we would eat in advance and I factored a chosen meal into my diet. We were planning to eat indian food, so prior to leaving for Sydney I adjusted my diet to include a serving of Butter Chicken with white rice. It is always hard to go out for meals (especially dinner) and factor them in to your diet. Breakfast is perhaps the easiest meal to do this with as we can alter the remaining calories for the day to suit what we have already eaten. With dinner, you have to change your dinner (difficult at restaurants) to suit the calories you have already eaten prior!

Anyway, here is an update on my weight. Current weight is down to 96.5kg (8.0kg loss overall) and I am really hoping to get to 95kg this month. I’ve been doing so well with my diet and cardio that I almost feel like I deserve it. You might remember that I decided to increase my weekly cardio up to minimum 1200 calories per week? This week I did 1950 calories – so I am quite proud (because I hate cardio usually). I am in a rhythm.

2. Save $4,600

This goal is going well, but is tough! We have had to spend a lot of money this month – but outside of mandatory expenditure we are doing great. All of our more ‘luxurious’ expenditures have been near to the $0 mark – so we are doing the best we can in terms of spending. This week I may need to look at selling a few unnecessary things around the house to make it over the $4,600 line.

3. 1 hour Spanish study/practise per week

I have almost forgotten about this goal. It’s clearly not as important to me as the other goals in my life right now. I am probably a little to content with my current level of Spanish and Australia doesn’t really push me to learn more Spanish fast.

4. Develop a Morning Routine

I am currently writing this article at 3:30am. Whilst having my large bottle of water and my first meal of the day (oats with yoghurt and half a banana). Waking up at 3am has actually been a breeze – I would not believe it myself if I hadn’t done it!

5. BE|PRIME goals

Ana is really pedalling the ship on this one at the moment. Waking up at 3am means going to be at about 9pm. This doesn’t give me much time in the night to focus on BE|PRIME so most of my efforts have been towards just keeping these posts consistent on the blog.

Well, there you have it folks! My month is going swimmingly – but as always, it is going TOO fast. We’d love to hear how your goals are going this month! Leave us a comment below or join us on the facebook group!

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