Post 13: January 25th – The Final Stretch

Date: 25th January 2017

Officially under 1 week remaining in the challenge now! Although there are many ways in which I could have done the challenge better so far, I still remain very proud of my efforts this month. As the number of days left continue to dwindle, the pressure is on for Ana and myself to meet our monthly targets. Let’s see how my goals are going so far!

1.Get weight to 95kg

This goal is making great progress with my weight currently sitting at 96.2kg (total loss of 8.3kg in January). This is a huge loss for the month and I am so proud. My strength has actually gone UP as well, which shows that most of my weight loss has been fat loss and not muscle loss due to catabolism.

Although 96.2kg is great, this means I have 6 days to lose just 1.2kg. It will be very very difficult, but we will see how it goes!

2. Save $4,600

We are yet to do our finances for this week, however, last week we were in a reasonably good position to meet this goal. Our trading account had a small set back before turning green again at the end of this week, so that slowed us down a little. Our expenditure has been very minimal outside of any necessities.

3. Practice Spanish 1 hour per week

I have actually begun to consider this goal as irrelevant for this month. However, for the purposes of listing out all of my initial goals I have included it in this post. I simply have not devoted the required time to this goal and I am not upset about that – it just isn’t my priority this month. If I had let my fitness or monetary goals slip this month, I would be far more unhappy with myself – so those are clearly where my priorities lie.

4. Develop a morning routine

For some reason, waking up at 3am is so much easier than waking up at 4am. Try it! You would never believe it (and I wouldn’t have either) if you never tried it. I have been able to do this every single morning this month (including weekends and public holidays) except for 2 specific days which I have discussed in previous posts.



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