Post 14: January 27th – The End In Sight

Date: 28th January 2017

Hello people,sunrise

This morning, after our training at the gym we went to this beautiful beach, with a natural pool to see the sunrise and meditate. These mornings just set the right rhythm for the whole day. If now and then you find the chance to change your “scape” to a nice place in the morning, and feel the sun in your skin, I highly recommend that you do so. It is a free and effective therapy.

Ok, let’s get to the point. January goals.

This has been an incredible month in terms of motivation and discipline and I feel as if I have already won this challenge.

  1. Read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

I have 17 pages left and 3 days to finish it. Doable? You bet it is.

The best things about this book is how many actionable strategies you can take and adapt for yourself. This book contains great ideas about establishing morning and night routines, about meditation, exercising, reading, writing a journal. The book fulfills its mission. It gives you the strategies of athletes, millionaires, academics to learn, achieve and live. This book blows your mind.

2. Be More Thankful

I have only thanked three people this week. I literally forgot to do it the other 4 days. Even when I know I could have done it better, I consider this exercise very gratifying. It not only helps me to be in a more positive mood but also to realize that I’ve been very lucky in life ad that I have met wonderful people.

However, with this exercise of thanking someone every day, I felt sometimes I had to force it too much. For example, this week I had to think a lot about who else I could I thank. The messages I sent were not 100% natural and spontaneous I really needed to put effort to find the right words.

3. Save $4600 AUD

We are doing pretty well with this goal I think, however our excel spreadsheet says that we are missing around $200 AUD, to achieve this goal. Nothing is certain until Tuesday 31st when we check the finances for the month. This is because some weeks Pat can get a little bit more if he had to drive a lot for working purposes. It could be the $200 extra we need

4. Make 1% Profit in Trading Account

Well, the market has been good to us. Our portfolio has been in green territory the whole month, and although it did fluctuate we have pretty strong positions. At the moment we have a total profit of 1.7%.

5. Improve Aerobic performance: Beep Test Level 8

I will take the beep test again on Tuesday 31st, I wont get 8, but I will get 5. Maybe if this was my only goal for the month I would have been able to train more or get a personal trainer – get extra support. I won’t say I did not have time or money, but I would say I have another priorities.

Although this month I did not get the level I want, it doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying, it is actually the opposite. It is very personal now. And I will find advice, and I will train harder. I will achieve the aerobic performance I want this year.

It is very common that at the end of January people forget their new years resolutions and new year goals and return to old habits. I sincerely hope you have not. But If you did, if January was not exactly what you were expecting, just remember you don’t need a new year to set new resolutions. Any day is the perfect day to be better.

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