Receive our FREE 'Productivity Guide' E-Book when you sign up for the 30 days to conquer challenge. Our guide provides you with all the tools needed to improve your ability to succeed in whatever aspect of life you desire!

About the 30 Days to Conquer Challenge

Are you an ambitious and motivated person who just wants to be better? Do you find it hard to manage your time, focussing and still maintaining time for personal and social matters? The good news is that you can train yourself to manage time effectively, increase your productivity and begin to conquer all the tasks and objectives you require in order to attain your goals.

The 30 days to conquer challenge is a journey that you set out on with support from the BE|PRIME community. For 30 days we will be actively removing unwanted procrastination and distractions from our lives and filling the void with focus, determination and productivity.

Why Should I Do the Challenge?

Goals are goals. They are all initiated and completed by a series of actions and thoughts. The planning of goals - big or small - is perhaps the most critical step in actually taking action and achieving them. So many challenges out there focus on only one thing - '30 days to get fit' or '30 days to read a book' - but there is a scarcity of challenges that simply promote a better you or the attainment of any goal you desire.

Upon registering for the challenge, you will be provided with your very own 'productivity guide', which gives you all of the essential goal planning tools required to help you conquer all of the objectives you set yourself for the 30 days.

Who Can Join the Challenge?

The 30 days to conquer challenge is open to absolutely anyone who wants to dedicate 30 days to themselves and their own personal goals. Individuals, groups, businesses or even entire communities are all welcome to participate.

How Can I Join?

There is no cost for the challenge, all that's required is that you sign up here in order to receive your free tools and 'productivity guide'. If you happen to miss the commencement date you can still stay up to date with people's 30 day journey by following the #beprime or #30daystoconquer hashtags on Instagram and twitter.





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